10 and Under Tennis

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Thank you for your interest in our 10 & Under Tennis Program! Your desire for the very best is what propels us as a club to create an environment that is conducive to loving the game of tennis and enhancing your child’s cognitive and athletic development to shape them for greater success.  

Your child will be placed in a class that is appropriate to his or her current tennis level. There is no timeline as to when a player will advance to the next level. Each player progresses at their own rate. To help expedite their development, additional classes during the week can be taken, private lessons with a Tennis Teaching Pro can be set up with our staff, and enrolling them in match play or having them play in local tournaments are ways to aid in their progress.  

Each class is 12 weeks long. During each class your child will be evaluated in eight different categories to help their overall experience:

  1. cognitive development

  2. competitiveness

  3. coordination

  4. movement

  5. reception

  6. skills

  7. skill patterns

  8. strategy

  9. technical skill development


RED DOT courts, or 36’ courts, allow players to increase their learning ability by adjusting to the court dimensions, equipment, drills, instruction and games to better suit their needs.  During this time players, will be challenged in many ways that will help their overall understanding of themselves and the world of tennis.

ORANGE DOT courts or 60’ courts provide an environment where each player is able to improve their learning capacity due to the increased requirements from the players.  Their skill level will be challenged by a bigger court compared to red dot courts, speed of the orange dot tennis ball and bigger, faster, stronger tennis players.

GREEN DOT courts or 78’ courts are one step away from the full-size tennis court.  The game at this level is played much faster due to the technology of the equipment needed at this level.  Green dot tennis balls bounce faster, higher and farther than the red dot and orange dot tennis balls, which adds more challenges for players needing to understand the game at the next level.

Fall 2019 Begins August 27th

Tuesday & Thursday

Red Dot | 4:00 - 5:00PM

Orange Dot | 5:00 - 6:00PM

Green Dot | 6:00 - 7:00PM

Monday & Wednesday

Advanced Orange Dot | 6:00 - 7:00PM

Pricing: $110 per session for 1 class a week with a Family Membership. Non Member: $220 per session. ( Sessions are 1 class a week for 12 weeks. Prices are prorated )

Sign up here: https://birchracquet.clubautomation.com/calendar/event-info?id=354&style=0&isFrame=0

Contact lorenzo@thebirch.com or at (972) 505-9407 with any questions you may have.