Learning Center

Since it's inception in 2001, the Learning Center has helped athletes excel in their academics while supporting their tennis goals.


Our highly educated, on site staff ensures that all students stay on track and works with their chosen online program. 

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Customized Curriculum


AP + Honors Courses

Like-minded Peers

Recognized by Prestigious Schools


Texas A&M

"I experienced a drastic improvement in my GPA, SAT, and ACT scores because of the supervision and tutoring from the on site teacher who daily helped me stay on task and keep my academic deadlines"



"I was able to get more time in my day to go to practice and pursue my passion. Without that freedom, I'm not sure I would have been recruited by the Harvard tennis team"



"Online schooling didn't keep me from having a social life because most of my friends are tennis players who also decided to do online schooling to advance their tennis game"